PFI Airsoft Hand Grenade - Black

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PFI Airsoft Hand Grenade - Black
PFI Airsoft Hand Grenade - Black
PFI Airsoft Hand Grenade - Black
PFI Airsoft Hand Grenade - Black
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Manufacturer: Palco
Mfg. ID: 17003C50

PFI Airsoft Hand Grenade

So what's not to love about grenades? These bad boys aren't those BB storage units the kids are running around with, these are full on Gas-powered scenario winners! Designed to meet the demands of any situation, this grenade can be set for timed detonation, ensuring that you get the coverage you need when the time is right. The grenade runs on Green Gas and uses a piston mechanism and spring to open the grenade and release the BB's after the pin is pulled. The grenade hinges at the bottom so you aren't hunting for two halves after you use it. Extra parts are available, so you can feel free to make a big impact without regret. Use the 'smoke' (talc) modules for added realism they puff out a white cloud on detonation letting everyone know where the action is. Designed to 1:1 scale, these 6mm grenades are non-explosive and completely reusable.


  • Green gas powered
  • Uses realistic timer mechanism
  • Components are securely hinged together
  • Extra parts are available
  • Re-usable
  • Available with Talc powder inserts
  • Realistic 1:1 scale
  • Non-explosive, does not use combustion, backyard safe

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Michael Southward of Oxnard, CA
PFI Hand Grenade
I used to have one of these but in the "Flash Bang" or "Smoke" grenade style and I will say that I was not too happy with it. It is fully metal externals and mostly plastic internals. The BB fragmentation wasn't really existing but it did have a decent report when going off. Their is a time delay that you can set from almost instant to 6 or so seconds. One of my main problems I had with it was that the spoon would just get lost if you tossed it outdoors like I play so that was a big disappoin...