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Tippmann X7 Paintball Guns
Tippmann X7 Paintball Guns
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Tippmann X7 Phenom Super Pack
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The Tippmann X7 is one of the most durable paintball guns on the market. Throw it, step on it, dunk it in water, cover it in dirt, tie it to the back of your truck and drag it for 4 miles. Actually, don't do the last one. If you did though, I'd bet it would stay in tact. The durability is not the only thing great about this gun. The X7 is completely customizable. Give it that realistic look and feel with modifications such as the AK47, M16, UMP and others. If you are looking for the ultimate Tippmann paintball gun, than the X7 is your gun for its consistency in shots, air efficiency and overall performance.

How's the performance?

Like the A-5, the X7 is equipped with a Cyclone Feed for quick feeding action that makes every shot count. If you are new to this concept - the cyclone feed moves by the excess air every time your gun is fired. The X7 Cyclone is actually faster than the A-5 which has been one of the noticeable differences due to its redesigned parts. Also, the new low profile X7 Hopper provides a clean view along the top of the marker. The Tippmann X7 will work fine on both CO2 & Compressed air. With compressed air you will get more consistency in your shots vs. CO2 that doesn't expand into gas very well if it's too cold outside.

What Upgrades are available?

Much like the other Tippmann paintball guns there are many accessories for making your X7 look and feel exactly how you want it too. Since the X7 is customizable to ones personal needs; Stocks, Foregrips, Sight Rails & Front Grips are available for increased stability and comfort. The greatest performance boost you will get is the X7 E-grip. The E-grip allows the user to shoot up to 20 Balls Per Second. Semi-automatic can be simple and fun but there may be times when you want to switch over into a burst or full auto mode. What's great about paintball you never know what type of game you are thrown into and by having the E-grip this allows you to experience all different types of games. The E-grip is available as an upgrade for the X7 if one chooses to buy the stock semi-automatic X7. However, the X7 w/ Egrip is already upgraded for you and ready to go right out of the box - just pop in a 9 Volt battery and your set for all day fun.

What Barrels are available?

The Tippmann X7 shares the same thread as the A-5. Much like the other flatline barrels for the A-5/98 the X7 Flatline takes the lead in the best performing barrel. Giving a back spin on the paintball increases your range and accuracy. The Flatline barrel will not disappoint. Being one of the highest recommended barrels on the market makes it an easy choice. This new look Flatline is integrated into the markers design with picatinny railing for many available accessories. There are many other X7 Barrels available that all differentiate in size, weight & look. If you need further assistance looking for a barrel please don't hesitate to chat with us or phone us for more information.