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ASG Licensed WG Dan Wesson 4" Co2 Airsoft Revolver - Silver
Zephyr Low Price: $124.95
Save: $15.00 (10%)
ASG Licensed KJW STI Tactical X Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $135.95
Save: $44.00 (24%)
ASG KJW M9 AI Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Black w/ Silver
Zephyr Low Price: $119.95
Save: $30.00 (20%)
Alta Tactical Flex Elbow Pads
Zephyr Low Price: $19.95
Save: $5.00 (20%)
Zephyr Tactical Full Finger Gloves
Zephyr Low Price: $10.95
Save: $4.00 (26%)
ASG Licensed CZ 75 RSS Gas Blow Back Airsoft Pistol - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $99.95
Save: $20.00 (16%)
ASG Licensed KJW STI Lawman Co2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $149.95
Save: $30.00 (16%)
ASG Licensed KJW CZ75 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $148.99
Save: $30.96 (17%)
ASG Licensed DSA DS4 CQB AEG Airsoft Gun
Zephyr Low Price: $79.95
Save: $20.00 (20%)
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More Information:

Zephyr Sports has all your Airsoft Gear needs and Free Shipping Too. From Cheap Airsoft Guns to Spring Pistols to shotguns, beginner to expert we have it all.

What are Airsoft Guns?

For those who are new to airsoft, these guns shoot 6mm round pellets typically made of plastic and commonly known as BBs. They travel at speeds much lower than real bullets and although a bit painful when hit by one of these pellets, they cannot kill someone nor cause heavy-bleeding injuries. Even though Airsoft Guns are considered a toy gun, safety precautions should still be taken when playing with these replicas. As mentioned most airsoft guns are the exact copies of the real guns. Some manufacturers even use the real mold of the original firearm in order to create the look, feel and even weight of their real-steel counterpart. Automatic Electric Guns can only cause welts. It is still painful however when the BB pellets hit the skin, since they travel at high speeds in excess of 400 FPS. That is why during airsoft battles also known as "skirmishes", protective gears must be worn to avoid serious injuries, especially around the eyes and face. We recommend a full face shield similar to a paintball mask. We do not recommend safety glasses as they only protect the eyes and not the face or mouth. We only recommend you use Airsoft glasses for target shooting. Thick protective outfits are also recommended to reduce the pain from being shot. There are special camouflages similar to those used by the military that can be worn. Sweatshirts and thick pants can also protect the skin from being directly hit.

Airsoft guns have 4 main categories:

Airsoft Automatic Electric guns or Rifles (AEG) are the most popular airsoft rifle, although they are the most complex and expensive option in your airsoft arsenal. Airsoft Electric Gun were the main reason airsoft players grew in the 1990's. AEG's have a motor and gear box and similiar to RC cars. The motors, metal gear boxes, barrels and many of the internal parts are fully upgradeable on most guns. Aisoft AEG's are capable of (ROF) Rates of fire of 600 to 900+ rounds per minute. Airsoft Electric guns require a rechargeable battery and a charger. We recommended that you carry a spare rechargeable battery with you for a full days play. Different guns require different size, voltage and capacity batteries. Be sure to check the product listing on our site for the battery requirements of your Airsoft Rifle. if you do not see the specs, please give us a call at 805-275-2040 do we may help you purchase the correct battery. Airsoft Electric Rifles are designed to mimic actual firearms. The only mark that distinguishes these Airsoft guns and real firearms is the blaze orange tip.


All Airsoft replica bb guns include a safety orange muzzle tip (at least 1/4 of an inch) in accordance with Federal law. Any attempt to remove the orange tip is a violation of Federal law. Modified Airsoft Guns will not be accepted for return or exchange. It is the consumers responsibility to verify that Airsoft Guns are legal in your state and local jurisdiction. You must be 18 to purchase airsoft equipment.